All the Power in the World

If you had all the power in the world, what would you do?
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You spoke of the end of the American empire. You were not far wrong. What do you predict for ? I can sum it up in five phases: the relative decline of the American empire, attempts to organise the world around several independent and mutually hostile powers which will not work , market domination in the absence of global regulation, war and a new order after war. At the end of the second phase and the beginning of the third: the beginning of efforts at deregulation.

The United States has decided to stop being a dominant world power, to stop ruling the world.

Peter Unger

So to begin with we will see an attempt to find a replacement for the United States, which will not work. No, China does not want this anymore. It wants to be powerful, but not to govern the world the way the US wanted to. Chinese history is one of Chinese power and influence, but not of world domination. Beijing will do all it can for Chinese economic growth, for the well-being of its citizens. The Chinese dream of reaching the [current] standard of living enjoyed by Americans by And many other issues will have arisen by then.

You spoke of the end of an empire ten years ago, two years before the election of Barack Obama, who seemed able to turn the situation around. Not really, because Obama himself has repeated that America was only a relative power, that it should not intervene — which he did not do, by the way — and that it could not be a guiding light for the world. He was even criticised for it, particularly in the context of Syria.

He did not intervene in the Middle East, he was firm with Russia, with sanctions, but nothing more. He pushed the Europeans to make a choice between the two powers. And Donald Trump is a continuation of Obama in this regard, he takes the theme of the American withdrawal even further.

As the world braces for his inauguration, he made some very hard comments regarding Europe and Angela Merkel, for example. By concentrating on themselves, are the Americans turning their backs on the idea of hegemony? Trump has hegemony over the media, but that is normal, it was the election. If an ideology hostile to the West took hold in Africa or Latin America, he would not want to intervene. There are two worst-case scenarios here. The first is that China regains control of Taiwan.

That is the first question. The second is what would happen if Russia invades the Baltic countries to ensure access to its enclave of Kaliningrad.


And many other issues will have arisen by then. In , global coal capacity increased by 82GW. African Union Union for the Mediterranean. All Rights Reserved. Most of the country's economic activities take place along the Nile River Valley. In his essay 'The Great Powers', written in , von Ranke wrote: "If one could establish as a definition of a Great power that it must be able to maintain itself against all others, even when they are united, then Frederick has raised Prussia to that position. FDR and the Creation of the U.

Would the American army intervene in these two cases? I do not think so. That could encourage others to do so in their place, but Trump, like Obama I think, would not intervene. We are in a strange period where America, China and Russia all have strong-man presidents for the next four years. Presidents that do not see Europe as an ally but as prey, quarry from which they should take all they can.

It is the first time this has happened. Before, this was not the view of Obama or the Russians. The break-up of Europe would benefit all three. And at the same time, there will be elections in the Netherlands, France, Germany and probably in Italy.

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Which means that by October, Europe will be unable to start the big initiatives that are needed. We need a big initiative in favour of European defence integration. Why do the others want to break Europe apart?

Because they feel that if Europe unites, in the long term, it will become the most important world power. Not only that, but the European model will become more attractive. When people say America defined the model for the world they are wrong: it is a European model.

The world is not becoming more Americanised, it is Europe that provides the model for America. So whichever point of view you look at it from — soft power, the economy, defence — the decline of the EU is in their interest. That is why they are so happy about Brexit.

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They can plainly see that in the 21st century, the big power, with million inhabitants, the highest standard of living, the best geographical position, the best conditions to attract talent, the highest cultural standards, the best health systems, is Europe. We will have to see if the institutions work independently of the electoral calendars. Then in 30 years time another French-German war would absolutely be possible.

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This bold and original work of philosophy presents an exciting new picture of concrete reality. Peter Unger provocatively breaks with what he terms the. All the Power in the World. Peter Unger. Abstract. This work of philosophy presents a new picture of concrete reality. The author breaks with what he terms the.

We have to remember that this risk exists if the European construction falls apart. Our leaders need to have a sense of this tragedy, which I do not think they have. What we do not need is neutral leaders, leaders for the good times.

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In Germany it could happen if Merkel is no longer chancellor or if she gives way to other members of the grand coalition. In Italy it could be Beppe Grillo. If this scenario does come about and we have little Trumps popping up all over Europe, do you fear that this will accelerate the disintegration of Europe and the potential spiral into war?

Our current period looks a lot like , when there was a wave of technological progress, large-scale globalisation and a wave of democracy…. And then there was the financial crisis, terrorism and we chose protectionism and war. The 20th century could have been a happy century, the building blocks were all in the right place. But instead, we had two world wars and barbarity until We only escaped the mistakes of twenty-five years ago and already we are on the verge of making them again.

We have everything we need to make the 21st century a happy one: technological progress, the rise of the middle class, demand for democracy all over the world, the birth of stable states. Everything is in place but at the same time we could end up heading for the rocks. I think that is a real possibility. Most countries and continents use their own system of plugs and power outlets. Just like the use of different plug types, the voltage and frequencies can also be different per country or continent.

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